Simplify your deals with Firmex virtual data rooms.

Trusted for 10 years by 100,000 companies worldwide to secure deals.

Firmex VDR product interface screenshot.
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    Set Permissions

    Take control of the room — grant and revoke access as needed, manage user permissions at the project, folder, document or user level.

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    Document Status

    Easily manage complex projects — Tag documents or folders with a status to track changes and assign tasks.

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    Invite Users

    It's never been easier or safer invite everyone from individuals to entire teams to a deal.

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    Drag & Drop upload

    Simply drag documents or entire folders into the data room to upload.

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    Q&A management

    Control Q&A to keep your deal moving by providing timely responses.

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    View documents

    Keep documents safe by viewing online without downloading.

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World-class security.

Multiple levels of security ensure the safety of your documents.

Our virtual data rooms keep your data locked away in the same super secure data centres as major banks and financial institutions and hold all major North American, European, and international security certifications. This means you can do business without worrying.

  1. Secure data centres with biometric safeguards
  2. Customizable DRM for documents
  3. Customizable access settings for all users
  4. Two-factor password authentication
  5. HIPAA & SOC 2 Compliance
  6. Compliant with EU Data Protection Directive
  7. Compliant with UK Data Protection Act

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Unmatched control & ease.

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms offer an intuitive & powerful way to manage your deal.

We’ve set our minds to creating a product that doesn’t just store documents, but actually makes deals easier, faster, and more profitable.

  1. Easily add and Invite Users
  2. Upload anything with Drag & Drop
  3. Expire access to documents, even after downloading
  4. Restrict saving & printing
  5. Auto-organize new documents with Versioning
  6. Track & audit document and user activity
  7. Check security settings with View As
  8. Apply dynamic watermarks
  9. Upload via Email with Email In

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Pricing that makes sense.

Tired of unexpected charges? We thought so.

The costs associated with your data room should be the last thing that drains money from your deal flow. Firmex offers a pricing model that simply makes sense. We offer:

  1. Unlimited users
  2. Unlimited projects
  3. Unlimited pages
  4. Data at a fixed price
  5. No hidden fees
  • Powertools for your Virtual Data Room

    Powertools & Add-ons help your data room do even more

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    Virtual Data Rooms can be used across organizations.

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  • Pro Services adds a virtual data room expert to your team.

    We'll optimize the data room, so you can manage the deal.

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"We chose Firmex for the quality of their product, security, & customer service as well as the flexibility of the firm."

— Pierre Schuurmans, COO, Birch Hill Equity Partners
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Trusted for 10 years by 100,000 companies worldwide to secure deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is a secure online space for sharing confidential documents between companies. Its interface is specially tailored to accommodate business workflows, large-scale collaboration, and complex security scenarios with numerous parties.

How can I tailor a virtual data room to my particular business?

Virtual data rooms allow for highly adaptive interfaces and integration into a company’s IT systems. Using a virtual data room’s customizable interface, a company can develop highly sophisticated and customized solutions that integrate the data room technology into their own and streamline numerous business practices. Virtual data rooms also allow for custom branding, and can be purchased on a subscription basis in order to serve as the backbone of a company’s information sharing needs.

How secure are virtual data rooms?

They offer the same industry-level security as major banks and financial institutions. Your information is kept in super secure data centers with fire and disaster safeguards, keycard and biometric access, and equally secure mirror sites. Firmex also has several internationally recognized security certifications, including HIPAA, SOC2, SAS70 Type II, and CSAE3416. Additionally, the product offers numerous security features, like two-factor password authentication, 256-bit AES/TSL encryption, fully customizable access settings, document expire, and more.

Where does the data stored in a virtual data room sit?

The stored information sits on servers located in the same secure data centers used by major financial institutions and banks. They feature fire and disaster safeguards, keycard and biometric access, and equally secure mirror sites. Firmex uses start of the art, industry-level facilities, and there is no safer means of storing your data in the world.

Does a virtual data room help with M&A?

Yes. They make M&A easier and safer at every step of the deal flow process. Sellers can upload and organize documents to their data room during pre-due diligence in order to prepare for and maximize profit on a sale. When going through due diligence, the buyer can access all necessary documents and both parties can set which specific members of their teams can see which documents and for now long. There are also features that streamline processes like Q&A and document versioning. Using a virtual data room is the easiest and safest way of ensuring that deal flow moves quickly without any potentially critical information breaches.

How much information does a data room hold?

Firmex’s data rooms are capable of holding as much information as your company needs. We will work with your company to determine your needs and adjust storage as needed, all at a reasonable price.

Who can I invite to my virtual data room?

You can invite anyone simply by adding their email address. This includes your own company, buyer and seller companies, and unlimited third parties. Our “groups” feature allows you to organize access settings for groups of individuals, whether part of the same company or not, and re-apply those settings to any other projects they are part of.

How quickly can a Firmex Data Room be up and running?

Firmex will get you up and running in minutes. Our expert customer service team will be available right away to help with setup and answer any questions.

Do I need training?

Firmex virtual data rooms are designed to be intuitive and ready to use right from the start. However, our customer service team will work with you right away to set up your data room and get it ready for your specific project. They’ll also train you and your team, offer customized instruction manuals, and direct you to our extensive bank of online tutorials, videos, and how-to guides. If anything else comes up, they’re here for you - available 24/7/365 to answer any questions.

Does Firmex automate Q&A?

Yes - Firmex has a highly sophisticated Q&A feature for automating the whole process. Questions and answers are organized in an intuitive way that speeds up the process while maintaining proper levels of security and anonymity.