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Using a Virtual Data Room as a Deal Room:
A Deal Stage Breakdown

Whatever industry you’re in, running an M&A deal involves sharing confidential documents with one or more parties. A virtual data room is purpose built to handle this kind of serious sharing, with additional features made to support complex financial transactions.

With a virtual data room, you can efficiently manage due diligence, restrict access to confidential documents, and monitor all activity to identify serious buyers. In this article, we break down each deal stage and how a virtual data room can be used as a deal room.

Pre-Due Diligence

You can spend less time collecting documents by using your virtual data room as a deal room. Quickly gather and organize diligence documents to prepare a CIM and teaser. Once collected, sellers can drag-and drop docs or email them directly to the data room. The data room doesn’t place any restrictions on file sizes and has version tracking built in.

Preliminary Due Diligence

When used as a deal room, a virtual data room can be used to manage permissions to ensure that the right people see the right documents, at the right time. Organize, auto-index and tag files so they’re easy to find. Gauge interest by monitoring how bidders are engaging with docs in the data room. With a data room, you can manage multiple bidders easily.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

A virtual data room enables you to monitor the deal process, identify any bottlenecks,  and keep things moving. In a deal room, you can assign and track questions from multiple third parties with a built-in Q&A tool, and keep everyone informed with automatic notifications. A deal oriented virtual data room keeps diligence moving in the right direction.

Deal Closing

You can used your virtual data room to track a closing agenda and monitor your progress (e.g. complete, signed, in review). Once closing is complete, a deal room can send a fully compliant DVD/USB archive to the advisor, buyer and seller. By using a virtual data room as a deal room, you can make sure nothing is missed.

For your convenience, we’ve created this overview infographic that shows you how to use a virtual data room as a deal room, in a nutshell.

How to Use a Virtual Data Room as a Deal Room | Infographic | Firmex


Watch a Deal Room in Action

Using a virtual data room as a deal room makes it easy to stay organized and in control of your deal.

Learn how easy it is to manage the dealmaking process in this two minute video.