Sending large and sensitive documents just got a lot easier.

Send and request confidential files with a single click without FTP or email restrictions.


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Easy to Use.

Instantly send & request files.

In one easy step, Firmex FileSend lets you securely upload and send marketing materials, clinical studies, closing books, legal documents and other confidential materials to multiple recipients. With Firmex FileSend, there’s no need to use cumbersome FTP clients, or worry about files being too large for email.

  1. Send files with a simple drag-and-drop
  2. Fast file gathering – request files from anyone
  3. Know when files are delivered
  4. No FTP clients required

Control and Peace of Mind.

Never worry about sensitive files ‘out in the wild’ again.

Firmex FileSend makes sending and requesting files easier than FTP, and far more secure than email. Built on the same secure platform as our Virtual Data Room, Firmex FileSend includes powerful access control features not found in other file sending applications:

  1. Require recipients to login to download files
  2. Set access as view-only
  3. Watermark documents
  4. Expire download access anytime
  5. Files are accessible for up to 4 weeks

Simple Management and Activity Tracking.

Track your documents every step of the way.

Gain visibility into when, where and how documents are sent and received. Receive notifications when files are uploaded. Confidential file access is encrypted and you always know they reached the intended recipients, and no one else.

  1. View document status at a glance
  2. Monitor file transfer activity by user
  3. Easily manage user permissions
  4. Quickly self-manage your FileSend account

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