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Manage and execute key restructuring and insolvency processes in a virtual data room.

Whether your project is managing a bankruptcy, receivership, or sale of distressed assets, a virtual data room helps streamline the restructuring process. Efficiently manage due diligence documents, restrict access to confidential information, and monitor all activity in the data room to help bring a restructuring to completion.


new data room projects per year.


customers in 120 countries trust Firmex Virtual Data Rooms.


in total transactional value run on Firmex Virtual Data Rooms.

Control the restructuring process with a Firmex virtual data room.

Now you can work smarter and faster on your restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency projects by taking advantage of these key virtual data room features.

Advanced Permissions

Control who has access to documents and folders based on specific permission settings by user, groups, folders, and files. Open one data room to many buyers or third-parties, without disclosing who those other parties are.

Quick Views

Verify exactly what users will see before they enter your data room. Our View As tool provides a clear visual representation of what folders are shown and/or hidden according to the user and their permissions levels in the virtual data room.

Quick Setup and Support

Be up and be running in minutes. Our expert customer service team is immediately available to assist with your virtual data room setup, double check permissions, and review your settings. Additionally, all users receive our in-house support, 24/7/365.


Restrict and control the actions and viewership over documents. Manage access to files in the virtual data room before and even after they’ve been downloaded.


Leverage a virtual data room’s analytics and reporting to better understand your project or transaction. See who’s accessing specific documents, who’s been notified of key documents, how much time they’re spending in the data room, and more.


Have all questions related to your restructuring project centralized within the virtual data room, making for a more efficient, streamlined process.

Firmex is central to our process. Features such as audit trails, reporting, and a simple user interface provide peace of mind to our clients in what can be the most stressful time of their lives.

— Stephan May, Managing Director, WelchGroup Consulting Inc.

How It Works

A Firmex VDR makes it easy to stay organized and in control. You determine who sees what, and can track who logged in, when, from which IP address, and what information was viewed.


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