Deals can be complicated, your virtual data room shouldn’t be.

We open 10,000+ data rooms each year.
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    Set Permissions

    Take control of the room — grant and revoke access as needed, manage user permissions at the project, folder, document or user level.

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    Document Status

    Easily manage complex projects — Tag documents or folders with a status to track changes and assign tasks.

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    Invite Users

    It's never been easier or safer invite everyone from individuals to entire teams to a deal.

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    Drag & Drop upload

    Simply drag documents or entire folders into the data room to upload.

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    Q&A management

    Control Q&A to keep your deal moving by providing timely responses.

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    View documents

    Keep documents safe by viewing online without downloading.

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World-class security.

Multiple levels of security ensure the safety of your documents.

We keep your data locked away in the same super secure data centres as major banks and financial institutions and hold all major North American, European, and international security certifications. This means you can do business without worrying.

  1. Secure data centres with biometric safeguards
  2. Customizable DRM for documents
  3. Customizable access settings for all users
  4. Two-factor password authentication
  5. HIPAA & SOC 2 Compliance
  6. Compliant with EU Data Protection Directive
  7. Compliant with UK Data Protection Act

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Unmatched control & ease.

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms offer an intuitive & powerful way to manage your deal.

We’ve set our minds to creating a product that doesn’t just store documents, but actually makes deals easier, faster, and more profitable.

  1. Easily add and Invite Users
  2. Upload anything with Drag & Drop
  3. Expire access to documents, even after downloading
  4. Restrict saving & printing
  5. Auto-organize new documents with Versioning
  6. Track & audit document and user activity
  7. Check security settings with View As
  8. Apply dynamic watermarks
  9. Upload via Email with Email In

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Firmex data room interface preview.
Firmex Virtual Dataroom for secure document management.

Pricing that makes sense.

Tired of unexpected charges? We thought so.

The costs associated with your data room should be the last thing that drains money from your deal flow. Firmex offers a pricing model that simply makes sense. We offer:

  1. Unlimited users
  2. Unlimited projects
  3. Unlimited pages
  4. Data at a fixed price
  5. No hidden fees

  • Powertools & Add-ons for your Virtual Data Room

    Powertools & Add-ons help your data room do even more


    Control Q&A to keep your deal moving by providing timely responses.
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    API Integration

    Limitless integration opportunities are available when connecting with existing enterprise systems.

    Multilingual interface

    Set your personal language preference and switch between languages at anytime.

    2-Factor Authentication

    More control and assurance of security by adding two-factor authentication for all users.

    View As

    Triple-check permissions from the POV of any user to see what they see.
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    Upload documents to your data room via Email while out of the office.
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  • Professional Services — add a data room expert to your team.

    We'll optimize the data room, so you can manage the deal.

    Project consultation

    Talk to us about your project, and we’ll build a data room perfectly matched to your needs.

    Complex configuration

    We'll add users, assign access permissions, clean up global user lists, and archive users.

    Bulk file conversion

    Need to convert thousands of files? We can help, so your team can stay focused on the deal.

    Specialized training

    We do customized onsite or virtual training sessions to meet the needs of your employees and business partners.

    Bulk upload & setup

    Send us your hard drive, and we’ll send back a fully populated, meticulously organized data room.

    Project archiving

    Once the deal is done, we’ll provide a fully compliant, archived version of projects and data feeds.

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Customer testimonial for Firmex Virtual Data Room by Pierre Schurrmans, CEO, Birch Hill Equity.

We chose Firmex for the quality of their product,
security, & customer service as well as
the flexibility of the firm.

— Pierre Schuurmans, CEO, Birch Hill Equity Partners
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