Random M&A Deal Project Name Generator

Does your firm or business need a name for a deal? Try our random M&A deal project name generator.

So you have a deal on the table, and now it’s time to give it a name. On one hand, this is the fun part – you’ve spent all your time bringing parties to the table and you’ll be neck deep in documents for the coming months, but right now, you have an opportunity to be creative. On the other hand, you’re probably worried about bigger things and might just want to get this over with. On top of that, you don’t want to come up with a name that will give away the secrets of the deal. This is an issue that Goldman Sachs acted on last year when they required their bankers to start using random deal name generator software that gives 10 random options based on a series of inputs. Unfortunately, this mysterious contraption remains behind closed doors, so we thought we’d make our own. As a virtual data room provider, Firmex supports a lot of deals, so we can safely say we have a good idea of how they’re named.

Use the tool below to generate a deal name, based on the most common words and types of words that show up in actual deal names. It’s useful. It’s fun. It’s a good waste of time. What else could you want?

M&A Dealname Generator

Create a random deal name.


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