Firmex Virtual Data Rooms Releases Enhanced iPad Functionality

Firmex virtual data rooms are used by over 100,000 companies worldwide to share large volumes of confidential documents, supporting processes like M&A, litigation, procurement, and regulatory compliance.


Firmex’s new iPad optimization is in response to the growing rate of tablet adoption within the enterprise. According to digital advertising agency, Vertic, enterprise tablet adoption is expected to grow by almost 50% per year over the next 5 years, with 96.3 million units expected to be sold in 2016. For many deal professionals, tablets have become an important hardware tool for running M&A transactions. “Mobile compatibility is a necessity for our clients, especially deal professionals who need non-stop access to critical due diligence documents,” explained Joel Lessem, CEO of Firmex. “It’s important that we can fully support the deal process, and in today’s M&A environment that means having a mobile offering.” Firmex users could previously view critical documents stored within the data room using their iPad. With the new optimization, data room administrators can now also perform necessary tasks, such as adding users, changing permissions, and accessing reports on their iPad. “We wanted to ensure that our iPad offering provided the reliable, intuitive user experience that our clients have come to expect from Firmex,” explained Elizabeth Caley, VP Product Management at Firmex. “It’s taken months of fine-tuning, but I think our clients will be very satisfied with the results.” Firmex’s iPad optimization is now available to all new and existing Firmex users. About Firmex Intuitive, affordable, pervasive – thousands of companies choose Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR) solutions to securely share their highly confidential documents. Leaders in corporate and financial transactions, M&A, compliance, litigation, and procurement value Firmex’s ease of use and outstanding support to profitably accelerate their online document sharing and collaboration projects.


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