October 2020 Product Updates

For the month of October, we’re proud to announce the launch of Firmex Redact, an integrated redaction tool that makes the job of protecting personally identifiable and sensitive information easier, without leaving your virtual data room.


October Updates at a Glance

In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, shows you how Firmex Redact enables you to seamlessly redact personally identifiable information (PII) from documents and keep sensitive information confidential.

Firmex Redact: Reduce Risk for the Entire Diligence Process

Now, more than ever, today’s business documents contain personally identifiable information in need of redaction. Recently introduced rules and regulations surrounding PII, such as GDPR in Europe, PIPEDA, PIPA, and HIPAA in North America require PII to be removed, prior to being shared with external parties throughout the deal process.

Firmex Redact lets you easily hide, contain, and protect PII, to minimize organizational risk and avoid millions of dollars worth of penalties for non-compliance.

Easier Redaction in Your Virtual Data Room

Firmex Redact is fully integrated with our virtual data room, making any new or already uploaded documents redactable, with redaction activity you can track along the way.

Control Who Can Redact

Our virtual data rooms’ user management lets you control who can access, redact, edit, unredact, preview, and view redacted documents at any time, so you can better collaborate on redactions with your team with a greater level of transparency.

Peace of Mind with Virtual Data Room Security

Using Firmex Redact ensures that documents in the virtual data room stay encrypted and safe with our multiple layers of security, avoiding the risk of downloading files and performing redactions in an unencrypted state.

As your deal or project progresses, use Firmex Redact to reveal previously redacted information in a few simple clicks, so you can work through deals faster.

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