Improving our Activity Notification Emails

Helping you prioritize your inbox with just a glance


Document activity notification emails are important so you can stay up-to-date with what is happening in your data room, but can be counterproductive if the emails are cluttered or difficult to read. We’re updating our email notifications to highlight the important details, so you can better prioritize your time.

What’s improved?

  • Cleaned up our Sender and Subject Lines so you can easily identify emails coming from the VDR and understand which projects they are related to.
  • The number of new documents that have been added can now be seen in the email preheader, allowing you to quickly assess the importance of the update and prioritize accordingly.
  • A shorter document list (30 maximum) in the email directs you back to the VDR faster, for less time spent scrolling and more time taking action.

What’s staying the same?

Your document activity notification emails look more polished, but everything else related to setting your email notification preferences have stayed the same. Visit our knowledge base to learn more about customizing your email notification preferences.

When will I start seeing changes?

Updates to our document activity notification emails will be rolling out in January 2023.

How can I keep track of emails being sent from my project?

We’ve updated the Document Activity Email Notification report & you can always check the user email notification preferences.

How can I get more information or provide feedback?

Your feedback on our new releases is very valuable to us. It helps us continue to make Firmex better for you and your users. Please reach out to your sales or success representative with any questions or comments you may have. As a reminder, our 24/7/365 Support team is always available to lend a hand, should you need it.


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