Document Management Vs. Sharing – The Verdict is Law Firms Need Both

Your firm’s Document Management System (DMS) is irreplaceable. But, just like it says on the tin, its main use is document management, not document sharing. When you need to share sensitive documents outside your company firewall with clients, outside counsel and third parties, you need a virtual data room.

In this video, we show how Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR) offers a secure platform for law firms to share a large number of confidential documents beyond the company intranet. Firmex VDR provides an easy, organized and secure place to share documents, so both counsel and clients can review documents faster and more efficiently.  

Find out why 90% of AM Law 100 firms have used Firmex for due diligence, class action lawsuits and litigation, client portals, storing minute books, and more.

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