On-Demand Webinar: Key Findings in the 2017 M&A Fee Guide

New Research Sheds Light on M&A Advisory Fees

Information about M&A advisory fees can be surprisingly difficult to track down.

Lack of transparency makes it difficult for business owners to determine whether the fees they are being asked to pay when hiring investment bankers are fair and appropriate. Without baseline guidance on fee structures, it is also challenging for M&A professionals to assess their own fees relative to their peers.

Firmex and Divestopedia surveyed over 470 investment bankers and advisors to provide a global perspective on who’s charging what and why. In this webinar, we go over the results of the 2017 M&A Fee Guide and provide detailed analysis.

Featured Speakers:

  • John Carvalho, President, Divestopedia Inc.
  • Shane Stevenson, Partner, Dentons Edmonton
  • Ryan Farkas, Managing Director, BDO
  • Jeff Deacon, Managing Director, Private Debt Group, IAM Group
  • Adam Mallon, Director, Transaction Advisory Services, BDO


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