Missed a webinar, or want to watch one again? Here’s our catalogue of past webinars.

Missed a webinar, or want to watch one again? Here’s our catalogue of past webinars.

Peter Lehrman: Sourcing Deals in an Increasingly Networked World

The natural evolution of the internet is changing the way in which relationships are formed and deals are sourced. AxialMarket is founded on the conviction that combining the leverage and distribution of intelligent online networks with large real-time data sets can transform the way in which private companies connect with capital and opportunity. Join Peter Lehrman, CEO of AxialMarket, for an online interactive webinar that explores the increasing velocity of deal opportunities coming to market online.v

Andrew J. Sherman: Harvesting Intangible Assets

Whether you call it “harvesting intangible assets” or “intellectual property management,” organizations must make the most of everything they have to offer if they want to remain competitive. Yet, the majority of companies are oblivious to the wealth of revenue-producing opportunities hiding just below the strategic surface.v

Cyrus Lam: Trends in Technology M&A and Outlook for Remainder of 2012

The deal landscape in 2012 has seen a challenging start, with overall volumes in the first two months of the year 6.1% lower than the first two months of 2011. The deal environment continues to face macroeconomic concerns, such as the fragile U.S. job market, Eurozone austerity measures, and the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming U.S. presidential election. However, a significant improvement in current stock market performance, low interest rates, impending tax legislation changes and record levels of investable cash offers hope that M&A activity may return for the rest of 2012.D

Ken Smith: International Competitiveness in M&A

Ownership and domicile of global companies provide direct economic benefits, and corporate leadership enhances a country’s international influence and returns to shareholders. One of the factors contributing to the imbalance in international M&A is short-term thinking in business and public policy in the US, the UK and Canada. For example, corporate boards are increasingly folding to pressure from hedge funds and private equity firms for short-term takeover gains. Longer term, there is often more value to be created from growth and, in particular, from developing a leadership position in the global market. Companies need to better understand the global industry context, invest in new markets, and acquire to be leaders.D

Emily Larose: The Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) – What is it and How is it Changing Cross-Border Business?

In December 2011, U.S. President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled two initiatives with the aim of promoting and pursuing common interests in trade and security and in aligning the regulatory approaches of the two countries. These two initiatives – the Beyond the Border Action Plan and the Regulatory Cooperation Council Action Plan – promise to ease the flow of trade, lower production costs for manufacturers, and increase harmonization between the regulatory requirements applicable to industries such as agriculture & food, health and personal care products and the automotive industry.D

Dennis Roberts: What’s Ahead for the M&A Market in 2012 and beyond?

Why are so many middle market M&A advisors not particularly successful? For starters, this is not your father’s M&A world. In fact, there is a whole new world out there. The realities of professional M&A practice have been transformed during the 21st century. Know how to catch the right waves and the right deals with the right techniques.D

Andrew J. Sherman: Ensuring Success in Post-Closing Integration

Easy part’s done – now make your investment work. Alarmed about post-close integration failure rates? How do you increase your chances of retaining key clients, partners, and staff? Where can redundant processes and excess costs be cut? Learn practical tips for building a successful post-merger integration program and avoid a deal disaster.V

Andrew J. Sherman: Due Diligence Best Practices and Pitfalls

LOIs and NDAs signed. Now art meets science with the legal, financial and strategic review of the business. How do you test the value proposition and identify potential risks? Select the best tools to streamline the process? And prepare for regulatory and legal compliance issues arising from legislation like FCPA? Learn what it takes to avoid pitfalls that plague even the most experienced due diligence experts.V

Andrew J. Sherman: Buy-side M&A – Qualifying your Seller & Finding Value

Found a prospective acquisition or out looking? How to assemble your acquisition team and approach the seller? What are best practices in valuating, structuring, and financing the deal. Most importantly, learn how to overcome common roadblocks and keep your deal on track.

Andrew J. Sherman: Sell-side M&A – Smart Moves and Deal-Killers

About to sell your business? How do you prepare for the most important transaction of your life? Who should be on your team and when do you get your house in order? What are the keys to marketing the business and getting to a closing while avoiding the pitfalls that await less prepared sellers? Learn what successful sellers do to maximize valuation, and avoid mistakes that will kill any deal.V


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