Oil & Gas Deals Analysis: M&A and Investment Trends Q4 2012

We often highlight articles that would be interesting and relevant to the Firmex community. We thought you might find the following research results interesting, outlining M&A activity and financing in the oil and gas industry for Q4, 2012. 

According to GlobalData’s new report “Oil & Gas Quarterly Deals Analysis: M&A and Investment Trends – Q4 2012,” M&A deal value is up in the oil & gas industry, with North America recording the highest deal activity.

M&A Activity Increased in Oil And Gas Market in Q4 2012

M&As in the oil and gas industry registered a substantial increase of 114% in deal value with $99.4 billion in Q4 2012, as compared to $46.3 billion in Q3 2012. The average M&A deal value also registered an increase from $457.2m in Q3 2012 to $801.6m in Q4 2012.

M&As in the upstream energy sector accounted for 47% of the total deals and 85% of deal value, with 91 deals worth $84.6 billion in Q3 2012. Of the total deals in upstream energy sector, 60 deals were registered in the conventional segment and 31 were deals registered in the unconventional segment. M&As in the equipment and services sector registered a considerable decrease in deal value from $11.7 billion in Q3 2012 to $6.4 billion in Q4 2012. The number of deals also recorded a decrease to 71 in Q4 2012 from 76 in Q3 2012.

North America recorded the highest deal activity, accounting for 51% of the total deals and 28% of the total deal value with 100 deals worth $28.3 billon in Q3 2012, followed by Europe with 46 deals (constituting 24% of the total M&A deals) worth $64.8 billion (constituting 65% of the total M&A deal values).

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