Nearly 30% of Canadians Don’t Support Tim Hortons Merger

Our polling results are in on the recent Burger King / Tim Hortons merger. Twenty eight percent of Canadians indicated they were not in favor of the deal.

Our polling results are in on the recent Burger King / Tim Hortons merger, and it’s a dead split for those in support of the deal, and those in opposition.

Do you support the Burger King/Tim Hortons deal?

While 49% of participants were in support of the deal, another 50% were not.

Over half of those opposed to the deal (28%) are Canadian, and 14% were American.

Of those in favor of the deal, 21% were Canadian, and 14% were American.

Which brand do you prefer?

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Overall brand preference was also split, with Tim Hortons just ahead of Burger King. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming 85% of respondents who preferred Tim Hortons were from Canada. 38% of respondents in preference of Burger King were American.

In terms of overall brand loyalty, it appears that Canadians have a stronger affiliation with their beloved Tim Hortons than American’s do with Burger King. 81% of Canadian respondents indicated they prefer Tim Hortons over Burger King, versus 67% of American’s in preference of Burger King. These results may help explain why a higher number of Canadians (28%) do not support the deal, which will see Tim Horton’s ownership shift from Canadian to American hands.

Do you support Burger King relocating to Canada?

do you support BK relocating

Of the 64% in support of Burger King moving its headquarters to Canada, 62% were Canadian respondents, and 17% were American.

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