7 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Dealmakers

Dealmakers must make data driven decisions everyday. And in this day and age, that data can be sourced from a variety of places, including your smartphone. Here are 7 must-have mobile apps for every business professional in the deal-making space:


1. Finance Toolkit by ConnectCode

The brief: 50 financial templates for iWorks Numbers, including loan amortization schedules, portfolio risk over return using the Treynor Index, cost of equity using CAPM, share price evaluators, bond valuation, and 45 others that investment banking pros use every day in one giant greatest hits collection.

Your ROI: Save yourself 2 years of MBA school.

Cost: $4.99

Platform: iOS (requires iWorks Numbers)

2. Deal Management by Relevant

The brief: Target deals by downloading pertinent info from Dow Jones, record due diligence, automate rejections, project cash needs, and track deals moving through the pipeline.

Your ROI: A single dashboard for tracking deal status that syncs up with your calendar and email.

Cost: Variable

Platform: iOS, Android

3. Infront from Infront

The brief: News, market data, analytics, consensus estimates and ratios for more than 80,000 companies. Pull up real-time, delayed, intra-day, EOD and historical data in seconds.

Your ROI: Who’s got time to aggregate? The data is already here.

Cost: Variable

Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry

4. Today in Private Equity by Mighty Mack

The brief: News app covering only articles of interest to private equity professionals, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, investment professionals and traders.

Your ROI: The one with the best information wins.

Cost: $3.99

Platform: iOS

5. Venture Capital Calendar by Funding Post

The brief: List of upcoming events for venture capital, private equity, angels and hungry entrepreneurs. Can also display a sortable list of deals by industry or revenue.

Your ROI: Get in front of the hands you want to shake.

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS

6. SigFig by Nothing Magical

The brief: Auto analyse your portfolio, in terms of asset allocation and performance, against ideal targets defined by investment experts. The biggest benefit is that it periodically checks your portfolio for any hidden fees or overcharges. If there are under-performing funds, it suggests better alternatives.

Your ROI: Cut the fat, pack on the muscle and work your portfolio into high performance shape.

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

7. Shares 2 by Nothing Magical

The brief: There’s a million different ways to value a company, but what really matters is net gains. If you sold it right now, how much would your investment be worth? This app shows the amount of gain and loss (in green or red) on your stocks based on investment price and currency.

Your ROI: Know unequivocally whether or not you should order the yacht.

Cost: $4.99

Platform: iOS

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