Prognosis Positive: Pharma and Biotech M&A Outlook, 2017

In contrast to M&A levels in many other sectors, deal making activity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries remained strong in 2016, but is this area likely to stay hot in 2017?

In the latest edition of our quarterly report series, Firmex partnered with Mergermarket to survey the current pharma and biotech landscape. We asked four dealmakers to share their insights on the M&A outlook for this year. According to their specialist diagnosis, the market will stay resilient and could even see robust growth under the right conditions.

As D. Crean of Objective Capital Partners puts it, “One possible reason for the resilience is that M&A in healthcare, pharma, biotech is often countercyclical. From a deal making perspective, it’s a great place to be when everything else is not doing as well. The reason is that people still need medical treatment and innovation regardless of the economic cycle. Larger bio-pharma companies are always going to be seeking new ways to expand inorganically and to consolidate to remain competitive and grow their top-line and earnings.”

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find in the exclusive report:

  1. Top mid-market biopharm targets in North America in 2017
  2. The rise of reverse mergers in the bio-pharma sector
  3. Will the proliferation of early-stage acquisitions continue?
  4. The outlook for venture funding of life sciences companies
  5. Cancer therapies in the spotlight – breakdown of M&A opportunities by therapeutic area

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