How a Feature-Packed Virtual Data Room for Litigation Financing Makes Document Sharing Simple, Smart, and Secure

This case study covers the effective use of a virtual data room for litigation financing.

Virtual Data Room for Litigation Financing

About Parabellum Capital

Working with sensitive data is a daily event at Parabellum Capital, where we specialize in litigation financing. Firmex ensures that our documentation is secure and easily accessible.

Parabellum Capital provides clients with creative, reliable, and efficient services. Since the beginning, our founders have been revolutionizing the industry, helping deserving individuals and companies obtain financing to take on corporate giants in court.

As an Analyst/Consultant at Parabellum Capital, my responsibilities include overseeing document sharing and tracking daily operations for projects as Lead Firmex Administrator.

In a given year, we share sensitive marketing and financial documents with hundreds of outside companies. Because we supply documentation to many companies, the process can become particularly time-consuming without the right tools. It was thus paramount that we had a way to share information effortlessly and securely. Enter Firmex, one of the leading providers for sharing confidential documents.

How Firmex Helped

Firmex specializes in helping businesses like ours share large volumes of highly confidential material effortlessly through their user-friendly Virtual Data Room (“VDR” for short) system. Firmex offers the best document repository system hands down, and Firmex’s team is constantly innovating new features with each update.

We researched and vetted several file sharing services and software suites before finding Firmex. Our decision to choose Firmex was due to its unique combination of security and productivity features. Together these features keep us running faster.

For instance, the new “Copy Group” feature ensures that an existing set of document-permissions is seamlessly carried over to each new group of contacts with just a few clicks of the mouse. This time-saving feature reduces the likelihood of document permission errors and frees up time to pursue other projects.

Firmex’s built-in document watermarking feature is another indispensable gem, as it adds another security element. Moreover, Document Versioning ensures that the correct version of a document gets to the intended recipient. Again, safety is a concern that Firmex takes as seriously as do we.

And as I mentioned, Firmex is user-friendly, which makes adoption a snap. For something that’s as feature-rich as their VDR service is, that’s particularly refreshing.

I highly recommend Firmex’s platform for any company working in an industry that needs to share sensitive documents quickly and securely. Along the way, I have gathered a few tips and tricks that I recommend adopting when starting out with Firmex.

Granting Permission

First, if you’re setting permissions for documents, create an internal process that you’re comfortable with, and then stick to it. I recommend dividing your different documents into folders for each separate project. Once accomplished, you can permission files out to the recipient as you hit various stages in the process. To ensure the internal process goes smoothly, Firmex’s suite of reporting tools are particularly invaluable for tracking user and document activity.

Also, don’t forget that you can group permissions in batches, and if you have similar clients, you can set permissions for all of them with the Copy Groups feature.


There are more than a few options for protection of your documents built into Firmex: Watermark, Disable Save, and Lock to Computer are three typical applications for enhanced security. I prefer to combine these options to make documents as secure as possible. Thankfully, and this speaks to the flexibility of the Firmex system, you can customize your security process.

Yes, the dreaded “migration” is something that we all have to come to terms with when moving to a new system, but this isn’t an issue with Firmex. If you’re moving from Office 365 Sharepoint, try this nifty solution I’ve discovered to get your files onto Firmex quickly:

  • Log into Office 365 Sharepoint in Internet Explorer (using Internet Explorer here is important, as this option is greyed out in other browsers)
  • Navigate to the Sharepoint index that has the files you wish to transfer to Firmex
  • Click the LIBRARY tab, then click Open with Internet Explorer
  • Windows will open your files in a new window
  • Log into Firmex and navigate to the index where you want to place the files.
  • Drag and drop the files from the Explorer window into Firmex

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In Conclusion

Firmex features are designed to be intuitive and with the user in mind, but questions and problems may still arise. In such instances, I recommend reaching out to Firmex’s excellent help center. Their client services team helped us get right into using their services, solving challenges in no time flat and eliminating bumps in the road.

Their response time is stunning too, usually clocking in at less than 20 minutes. I can say with certainty that they have one of the most dedicated customer service teams in the field.

In sum, the ease of use and features that are packed into Firmex’s VDR service all equate to something that’s superior to any other data and document sharing service that I’ve used. They help our firm run smoother and get projects done faster, and in the end that’s exactly what every business wants.



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