Virtual Data Rooms: Unlimited-Use Closes Deals Fast


In any deal, time is risk. The longer it takes to close a deal, the greater the potential for the transaction to get derailed. Being prepared ahead of time is one way to avoid time delays and risk.

Firmex‘s unlimited use virtual data room broadens the range of use investment banks have for their data rooms exponentially: they can collect information to develop and circulate CIMs when marketing transactions and have their client prepare diligence information early. When the LOI is signed, diligence documentation is available and valuable deal momentum is maintained.

Shopping for virtual data rooms at the 11th hour adds unnecessary risk to maintaining momentum and effectually closing the deal. In some cases our clients may be running multiple transactions as part of one deal (eg.debt refinancing, 3rd party valuations, selling certain assets etc.). With Firmex, clients can startup additional data rooms to coordinate and manage related transactions at no additional cost or delay.

Firmex charges a flat subscription fee for unlimited data rooms at the same cost as a single data room from an alternative data room provider. The M&A advisory firm can set up and maintain control over all their active mandates, have cost certainty for their clients, and get deals organized ahead of time to avoid delays in the M&A process.


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