The Deal Knowledge Advantage

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms How important is deal knowledge? What pieces of information will give you, as the buyer or seller, the leg up on getting the best possible deal done? One of the easiest places to gain information that will give you the edge — your virtual deal room.

When you select a virtual deal room, rather than leaving it up to the other parties, you gain the advantage. And when you select the right virtual deal room provider, with the right reporting capabilities, your advantage is magnified.

To gain the deal knowledge advantage, be sure you can answer the following questions:

  • Who’s been active in the deal room and when?
  • Who’s been invited but never logged in?
  • Which documents have been reviewed looking at and for how long? What percentage of all the available documents have been reviewed?
  • Who’s looking at which document? Who’s printing vs. downloading it individually vs. including it in a bulk download?
  • Which party has been most engaged? Potential Buyer #1 or Potential Buyer #2?
  • Have many people in the company been engaged, or just a handful of junior people?

And can you answer yes to these following questions with your current data room provider:

  • Is there a dashboard to see trends and exceptions a glance?
  • Are there useful charts that show this information graphically?
  • Can I drill into reports to get more detail on individual data points?
  • Can I export all data to Excel for my associates and analysts to explore further?

Contact Firmex if you are interested in gaining the deal knowledge advantage and exploring our new reporting capabilities.


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