Test your NCAA Final Four money knowledge, 2016 edition

The NCAA Final Four is one of the biggest money-making events in all of sports. Test your knowledge of how much is at stake, and who is set to profit. 

The NCAA Final Four was back last weekend, and with it, the piles and piles of money that change hands during one of America’s favorite sporting events. Last year, the the Final Four drew more viewers than the NBA finals and the World Series, and the championship game between Wisconsin and Duke was the third most watched sporting event in the US after the NFL and college football playoffs. Those are some huge numbers for a non-pro sport. Just like we did last year, we’re focusing in on the prices, salaries, and payoffs surrounding the Final Four and testing your knowledge of just how much money is at stake. While Villanova took home the trophy, they weren’t the only ones doing a victory dance on Monday night.


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