Share Your Insights on M&A Fees: Firmex & Divestopedia Launch 2018 M&A Fee Survey

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Have you ever wondered how other M&A advisory firms in your industry, region or city are structuring their M&A fees? Or have you found yourself in the position of having to explain and justify your advisory fees to a business owner and first-time seller?

Firmex has teamed up with Divestopedia for the third consecutive year to launch its 2018 survey of M&A advisory fees. The results will appear in the 2018-19 M&A Fee Guide published later this year.

The M&A Fee Guide has become the definitive source of up-to-date data on cost structures for M&A transactions. A must-read for buyers, sellers, and advisors alike, this comprehensive report aims to provide greater transparency into average fee structures, what is being charged and why. Last year, over 470 investment bankers shared their insights for the report.

“Choosing an M&A advisor is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make when exiting a business,” says John Carvalho, President of Divestopedia. “The more educated and informed an owner can be about fees, the better for everyone involved. The annual M&A Fee Guide report is unique in that it invaluable baseline guidance on fee structures based on a comparative view among many firms across the M&A middle market globally.”

The 2018-19 edition of the M&A Fee Guide is proudly sponsored by Dentons and BDO.

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