The DealRoom’s Spring business fashion guide

Despite how the weather might feel, spring is here, and it's time to find some lighter and cooler clothes. Read our spring business fashion guide for tips. 

Despite how the weather may feel right now, spring is here, and soon it will be time to lose the wool coats and snow-ready shoes, ditch the monochrome black and grey colors, and add a little life and lightness to your wardrobe. Yet despite the fact that everyone looks forward to warmer weather, spring business fashion can be confusing and frustrating. The office isn’t exactly the kind of place that’s receptive to shedding layers, and a lot of professionals prefer to stay in black than risk showing up in the wrong outfit. Beyond that, since most of us start out on a limited budget, we’re inclined to get heavier suits and dresses and wear them all year, rather than picking multiple outfits with different fabric to accommodate the season. In short, spring is great, but it can mean a lot of sweaty, itchy day work days spent avoiding the outside.

Let’s change that. Here are a series of DealRoom fashion articles that tackle the question of how to look good and professional in warmer weather, all while being comfortable in the process.

Sport Coats


Few things look more out of place than a stark black sport coat on a sunny day. On the other hand, jackets can get crazy really quickly, and adding a some color can easily take them into novelty territory. There’s a middle ground, and it’s a big one. Read Four Tips for Wearing a Sport Coat Like a Boss for the full rundown on patterns, materials, and colors that will make you look awesome without going too far.



You know it’s time to ditch the dark, heavy dress or pantsuit when the temperatures rise. But how can you combine style, comfort, and professionalism into one? And even do it without spending a fortune? One answer is the well-selected A-Like dress. Read Beyond Black and White: Adding Color to your Office Dress for more.



Dress shoes have the most potential but can also be the most difficult challenge for spring and summer. Kind of like with suits, a lot of professionals opt to keep them black and clunky all year around rather than take a possible risk. But with a nice pair of brogues or penny loafers, there’s no risk at all – you just look great, and you’re ready for anything. Get the rundown in How to Pick the Best Summer Dress Shoes.


men's sunglasses

This one is aimed at guys who have most of their style figured out, but when the sun gets in their eyes, they reach for awful wraparound or Matrix-y sunglasses. Remember: When you’re wearing sunglasses, you’re not suiting up to play an extreme sport. Read A Guide to Picking the Right Men’s Sunglasses and take the quiz at the end to see which type fits you.


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