M&A Roundtable: Legal Professionals Weigh in on Document Management and GDPR

Tom Wheeler, Managing Director of IR Global, shares insights from a recent roundtable discussion on the importance of document management and control during M&A deals.

The article provides a professional perspective on what types of M&A transactions require a full-fledged Virtual Data Room and looks at the implications of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on M&A practitioners. Hop on over to the DealRoom for insights and tips on what types of documents should be shared during the M&A process, and the kinds of information that must be strictly controlled to comply with GDPR.

Steven de Schrijver, an IR Global member and practicing M&A lawyer with Astrea in Brussels, is careful to advise sellers in deals to be selective about the data they put in a data room, particularly personal data pertaining to employees:

“The key is anonymization. Give any potential buyers the key to unlock personal data separately and do not keep it together with other documents.”

— Steven de Schrijver, M&A lawyer, Astrea


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