Does Firmex Speak French? Oui!

Firmex is a leading virtual data room provider, supporting over 100,000 companies in 197 countries to share highly confidential documents around M&A, capital raising, litigation, and regulatory compliance. While Firmex has always had the capability to store documents in any language, our new language capabilities now also allow dealmakers to navigate the platform in French. Users can set their own language preference (English or French) for the entire site, and switch between languages at anytime, anywhere within the product.

Switch between English and French under your settings

In addition, administrators running bilingual projects can personalize the experience for their users in any language, including English and French, throughout the site, including (for example) the site login page, welcome message, custom watermarks, and announcements for specific users. Firmex is the only Canadian virtual data room provider in the industry, and the first to offer French-Canadian language capabilities. By using Firmex data rooms, law firms, investment banks, and government agencies not only ensure their data never leaves Canada, but can now also offer their French-speaking employees, partners and clients the choice to work in their preferred language.

French login cropped
Choose your language preference (English or French) at login

“As a Canadian company, we know that deals get done in English, French or sometimes both, so it’s important that Firmex can support this,” explained Elizabeth Caley, VP of Product Management at Firmex. “Now users in Quebec, other parts of Canada, and indeed the world, have a choice when it comes to using Firmex.”

Clients interested in using Firmex in French are encouraged to contact their Account Manager or our Client Services team.


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