Three Time Saving VDR Features You May Not Know About

Running projects is time consuming. Your VDR should help you get your work done more effectively, not get in your way. Here are three VDR features that can save you time.

Preview Documents Without Opening Them

Has this ever happened to you? You remember what a document looks like – a chart, a paragraph, an image – but not the document’s name.

Firmex’s “Explore Folder” feature displays every document in a folder as a visual thumbnail. Now you can preview the content of a folder to quickly find the information you need.

Shortcut To Upload Documents For Admins Only

“Set Offline” is a Firmex feature that lets you quickly upload documents you only want your team to see. While a document is “offline”, it’s only visible to administrators, regardless of your project’s permissions.

Use Set Offline as part of your document upload workflow. Review, redact, and internally collaborate on an offline document, without having to set custom permissions. 

Quickly Double Check Permissions

Want to see what your project looks like from another user’s point-of-view?

The “View As” tool lets you quickly preview your project as any group or user. Use it before inviting guests to your project to double check your permissions.

Ronen Segall

Ronen Segall is the Product Education Manager at Firmex. He has over a decade of experience helping guide clients through the VDR. Ronen appears regularly on the Firmex blog to explain how our product can make your life easier.