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In this interview series, we profile trailblazing women working in M&A, private capital and finance who are driving deals. We highlight their experiences and achievements, and share their insights on what the industry can do to ensure that we see more...

Sequoia Capital recently announced their intentions to raise $8 billion for a new fund to invest in tech. The VC firm, most famous for its early backing of Google, is on the record as saying they need a “bigger war chest”...
Battle of Waterloo 1815

In the last few months there has been a trend towards venture capital firms raising money for “growth funds,” which are focused on much-later-stage deals. In other words, they’re going into private equity’s turf.

We are seeing the rise of more structured, well-rounded startups. As someone who’s made the jump from private equity to the venture capital world, and sees a lot going on in the startup industry, here are some tips for PE shops that want to enter the startup realm.

In Peter Fuhrman's nearly-twenty years in and around the PE and VC industry in the US, Europe and Asia, he's never seen anything quite like what happens in China.