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With 185 IPOs already announced, 2014 in on track to become another record-breaking year. Here's a look back at some of the biggest IPOs of 2014, and what's still to come!
David and Goliath: Greatest Underdogs of Business

Most of us know the infamous tale of David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant warrior who was defeated by the young David. In the business world, every industry has its Goliath. The market leader can grow from strength to strength,...

Don’t let the lavish lifestyles, outspoken personalities or capitalist sentiments fool you; these business philanthropists have big wallets and big hearts.

Coins, notes, plastic cards, electronic transfers - our society has come a long way in how we pay for goods and services. No matter how it's exchanged, money plays a massive role in all our lives. It can dictate everything from our social status and quality of life, to our career choices and retirement plans.

The concept of money and finance is one that stretches back thousands of years. Commodity markets in their earliest form are believed to have originated somewhere between 4,500 BC and 4,000 BC! Today, business and finance is the lifeblood of any society, and something we often take for granted as a way of life. But the financial market doesn’t always work smoothly.

“Dealmaking a profession unto itself – the world’s highest paying profession. Things don’t just fall into place by accident. A good dealmaker understands that it’s his job to finesse things into place.” – Anonymous If you look at the great deal...

As corporations become more reliant on modern technology, they also become more vulnerable to online attacks. Corporate cyber crimes are on the rise, and can cause serious harm to an organization’s bottom line. In 2010, the Ponemon Institute estimated that the average cost to companies affected by cybercrimes was $3.8 million per year. That rose by a staggering 56% in 2011, to $5.9 million per year!

The Globe and Mail reported on April 6 2011 that four top law firms had fallen victim to cyber attacks originating from China:  Major law firms fall victim to cyber attacks The attacks were aimed at stealing sensitive data related to high...