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The PGA championship will no doubt be on everyone’s minds as you stroll along the golf green in the weeks to come, courting clients or relaxing with colleagues. Because there’s no official uniform, golfers have uniquely free reign over what they...

A winning pitchbook couples quantitative facts with a strong narrative about the company. Private equity expert, Sumeet Shah, shares his pitchbook tips.

This is the second in a two-part article about strategies for a successful valuation. Last week, we talked about habits a business should develop from the start in order to get the most out of their valuation, and this week we're...
So the US can do business with Cuba - now what? Six tips for getting started

On December 17th, the US and Cuba reached a deal to reestablish diplomatic relations and ease trade restrictions for the first time in five decades. It's a historical move that will leave deep marks on North American culture and change the...

The focus of M&A is often on closing a deal, not the related costs of doing so. However, these costs can add up. What are the most wasteful costs during M&A, and what should you definitely not skimp on?

Lululemon and American Apparel serve as a painful reminder to boards that the corporate experience and influence of a founder can be a dual-edged sword if not handled properly.

We are seeing the rise of more structured, well-rounded startups. As someone who’s made the jump from private equity to the venture capital world, and sees a lot going on in the startup industry, here are some tips for PE shops that want to enter the startup realm.

In my review of countless pitch books from M&A advisors and investment bankers, I've compiled a list of common mistakes and tips for crafting the perfect pitch book.

LinkedIn is an important part of the social sphere and an important marketing tool for any professional. As the fastest growing social network with over 230 million members worldwide, its no wonder 9 out of 10 business executives describe themselves as using LinkedIn “often” or “very often” according to the headhunting and management consultancy, DHR International. But how do you make the most of your profile? Firmex has put together some LinkedIn profile tips for Linkedin profile optimization to make the most of this growing network.

Excel is one of the most common software tools used by investment bankers, accountants, and finance professionals, and at the core of many critical financial operations. While an astute attention to detail is essential for the job, most finance professionals, like the rest of us, are still prone to human error. Phone calls, chatty coworkers, and coffee breaks are common reasons people make data entry errors, such as skipped entries or transposed numbers.