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The Double Double Dilemma for Tim Hortons

When news broke of the Tim Hortons/Burger King merger, many investors cheered. But my immediate thought was somewhat lackluster. I didn't see the non-financial synergy. Instead, I saw huge potential issues for Tim Hortons (soon to be minority) shareholders.
Top Turnaround CEOs Under 40

What, wait? Burger King's CEO is only 33 years old?! We uncover what other companies have strapping young CEOs at the helm. Here's 5 CEOs under 40 who helped turn their companies around.

Our polling results are in on the recent Burger King / Tim Hortons merger, and it's a dead split for those in favor and against the deal. Twenty eight percent of Canadians indicated they did not support the deal.

Tempting overseas tax rates are encouraging many U.S. companies to pursue cross-border deals. A number of deal inversions have been explored or attempted in the last two years alone.