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Kids today don’t buy lottery tickets. They launch startups. The news is obsessed with the story about how Facebook just bought WhatsApp, with a mere 50 lucky employees, for $19 billion. For those who haven’t downloaded a calculator app because their...

To celebrate the retail madness of Black Friday, we thought it might be fun to highlight some of the biggest tech deals to ever be made. Our list of “Huge Discounts in Tech Deal History” show that it’s not only people who love a good bargain, but companies as well!

Historically, national oil companies (NOCs) teamed up with international oil companies (IOCs), offering them production sharing in exchange for technological expertise. But China's national oil companies have a new approach, one that sees them fiercely competing on the global oil and gas stage.

Each year, over 3,000 tech startups are financed in the US and Canada. Budding entrepreneurs know that starting a tech company can be super challenging and exciting at the same time! Unlike corporations, startups provide the opportunity to explore different roles and wear many hats. Employees of startups likely perform duties well above and beyond their traditional skill set.