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LinkedIn is an important part of the social sphere and an important marketing tool for any professional. As the fastest growing social network with over 230 million members worldwide, its no wonder 9 out of 10 business executives describe themselves as using LinkedIn “often” or “very often” according to the headhunting and management consultancy, DHR International. But how do you make the most of your profile? Firmex has put together some LinkedIn profile tips for Linkedin profile optimization to make the most of this growing network.

Laws are designed to govern and protect the best interests of a country and its citizens. However, they don’t always have to make sense! Do a little digging, and some laws are just plain wacky.

Earlier this year, several banks' websites became victims of cyber attacks. Hackers were able to launch denial-of-service attacks using a bank employee’s privileged login details. The employee's information was used to access a master payment switch for issuing wire transfers. With...

I was part of a panel presenting at the ILTA educational conference in Las Vegas last month. Our subject, for the second year in a row was, "What's New and Cool in Emerging Technologies?" We talked about all the obligatory subject matter: Windows 8, advancements in eDiscovery, Office 365 and the cloud, the latest in mobile devices and a variety of other things. It was a fun subject and well received. But let me say, it's not just about the technology.

After a sustained stagnation of oil prices around the $20-a-barrel mark, oil prices have spiked substantially in the last decade and now hover around $110-a-barrel. Many see the current oil prices as a new norm and possibly the base from which...

While we may not often think about it, the practice of mining affects all of our daily lives. From the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, the utensils we eat with, and the money we spend - all...

LAS VEGAS, NV — Throughout the last week of July and the first week of August (encompassing Black Hat, B-Sides, IOactive and the "mother of all security conventions" DEFCON ) there were easily thousands of discussions and presentations on security. More than...

There’s been a lot of handwringing about the state of the junior mining sector lately, including a recent story in theCanadian business press predicting the disappearance of hundreds of Canadian companies that could stall the supply of worldwide mineral projects for years.

For its 36th Annual Educational Conference this year, ILTA chose "The Catalyst" as its theme. "A catalyst can be defined as something or someone that causes a reaction or activity between two or more things to create something new. The ILTA 2013 conference will be a time to make reactions happen that will affect our profession now and for years to come. Join us. And find your catalyst for change!" That's all well and good, but how do you actually BECOME a catalyst?
Emergency hospital during Influenza epidemic, Camp Funston, Kansas - NCP

It's difficult to determine when, exactly, the first bank robbery took place in the United States. Some historians claim it was the Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri, on 13 February 1866. Other sources suggest it was on March 20, 1831 when James Honeyman and William J. Murray emptied the vault and several safety deposit boxes at the City Bank of New York. As an IT security professional, the Honeyman and Murray event is important to me, not just for the amount of money that was stolen ($52 million in today’s dollars), but for the method used.