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The due diligence process is complex and highly structured. If diligence isn’t conducted properly, it can cause an enormous amount of stress for everyone involved. This is where the virtual data room comes in. If you’re new to M&A, think of...

A winning pitchbook couples quantitative facts with a strong narrative about the company. Private equity expert, Sumeet Shah, shares his pitchbook tips.
The Double Double Dilemma for Tim Hortons

When news broke of the Tim Hortons/Burger King merger, many investors cheered. But my immediate thought was somewhat lackluster. I didn't see the non-financial synergy. Instead, I saw huge potential issues for Tim Hortons (soon to be minority) shareholders.

From the IT perspective, mergers, buy-outs, take-overs and even IPOs are fraught with potential peril. Business synergies and balance sheets never tell the full story of a company, and IT can be a major factor in post-merger integration.

Over the last year, several high profile data breaches have made headlines, exposing the personal information of millions. Here are some of the biggest security breaches, and what impact they've had on the companies and victims involved.

Earlier this year, several banks' websites became victims of cyber attacks. Hackers were able to launch denial-of-service attacks using a bank employee’s privileged login details. The employee's information was used to access a master payment switch for issuing wire transfers. With...

As the Eagle’s Nest exploration project in Ontario’s Ring of Fire region blossomed into a potential mine, the exchange of data between the camp in the James Bay Lowlands and Noront Resources’ corporate headquarters in Toronto became overwhelming.
Spear Phishing: Warning To Law Firms

As a lawyer, if you're not concerned about online security, or don't think a security breach could happen to you, then our latest Infographic might change your mind.

Forward-thinking law firms are revolutionizing the way corporate minute books are managed, moving the process online to achieve greater efficiency and collaboration with their clients.
Spear Phishing: Warning To Law Firms

Online security threats are something we’ve all heard about, but do you know how big the threat really is? The stereotypical view of somebody sitting alone in their basement hacking into your Facebook account is outdated. Hackers are becoming far more sophisticated. Professional...