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Marriott International’s acknowledgment that hackers had stolen records for more than 500 million customers over the past four years highlights the risk of exposure to cyberthreats during mergers. The data breach, which started in 2014, superseded the Marriott and Starwood merger,...

It is a vital part of the M&A process that confidential documents remain that way, and that sensitive documents are treated carefully. Mishaps, regardless of severity, can lead to delays, deal derailments, or potentially even lawsuits. Sellers and their advisors need to...

Over the last year, several high profile data breaches have made headlines, exposing the personal information of millions. Here are some of the biggest security breaches, and what impact they've had on the companies and victims involved.

Earlier this week it was reported that an AM Law 100 firm who handles litigation for Goldman Sachs and Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch, accidentally released unredacted versions of critical files that they had been fighting for years to keep sealed.