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Entertaining current and potential clients is an integral part of business. Client breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee meetings, seminars, conferences or weekend retreats are an opportunity to get to know each other. Face to face meetings are crucial for establishing trust between any two or...
Jimmy Choo IPO: If The Shoe Fits, List It!

With Jimmy Choo now a publicly-traded company, we recap how this luxury footwear brand came to be such a global phenomenon. It's humble beginnings may surprise you.

It would be imprudent for executives to ignore the lifecycle costs of an M&A transaction. Here are some M&A cost savings tips for the lower mid-market.

It is said that law firm users can only use maybe 20% of the IT tools given to them. So imagine what cost savings and efficiencies could be uncovered if they knew how to use more. Jeff Brandt outlines the benefits of IT training in law firms.

LinkedIn is an important part of the social sphere and an important marketing tool for any professional. As the fastest growing social network with over 230 million members worldwide, its no wonder 9 out of 10 business executives describe themselves as using LinkedIn “often” or “very often” according to the headhunting and management consultancy, DHR International. But how do you make the most of your profile? Firmex has put together some LinkedIn profile tips for Linkedin profile optimization to make the most of this growing network.
Spear Phishing: Warning To Law Firms

As a lawyer, if you're not concerned about online security, or don't think a security breach could happen to you, then our latest Infographic might change your mind.

Forward-thinking law firms are revolutionizing the way corporate minute books are managed, moving the process online to achieve greater efficiency and collaboration with their clients.

We often highlight articles that would be interesting and relevant to the Firmex community. We thought you might find the following article by Peter Coons from The Daily Record insightful. The article highlights the regulatory and ethical obligations of lawyers to...

With ILTA just around the corner, Jeffrey Brandt offers some practical advice on how to make your legal IT budget stretch a little further this year.  All law firms are looking to better manage costs, and to many firms that has...

Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are bringing significant changes to the legal profession. Clients are pushing for a combination of cost savings and cost certainty, and law firms are responding in a resounding way. Though AFAs are not a new concept to the...