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The Double Double Dilemma for Tim Hortons

When news broke of the Tim Hortons/Burger King merger, many investors cheered. But my immediate thought was somewhat lackluster. I didn't see the non-financial synergy. Instead, I saw huge potential issues for Tim Hortons (soon to be minority) shareholders.

2013 M&A deal making started on a strong note with the proposed merger of US Air and American airlines in February. With this deal, American Airlines and US Air hoped to join together to create the world’s largest airline.

You hear a lot about iPhone apps for lawyers, but what about Blackberry apps? After all, the vast majority of lawyers use Blackberrys, so apps available for this device should certainly not be overlooked. Fortunately, there are a number of useful Blackberry...

Most lawyers are familiar with old-fashioned analog tape dictation. First, you dictate into a hand held device, which records your voice onto a tape. Then you drop the tape, which holds an assortment of dictation projects, arranged sequentially rather than in...