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The bidding has begun for the Buffalo Bills, with a rumored 8 bidders. We're following the story, and look back at some of the biggest sporting deal in U.S. history. Were they worth it?

Bidding for the Olympics isn’t all that different to the deal-making process. Olympic officials must evaluate each city's offering, just like an M&A deal.

Excel is one of the most common software tools used by investment bankers, accountants, and finance professionals, and at the core of many critical financial operations. While an astute attention to detail is essential for the job, most finance professionals, like the rest of us, are still prone to human error. Phone calls, chatty coworkers, and coffee breaks are common reasons people make data entry errors, such as skipped entries or transposed numbers.

We often highlight articles that would be interesting and relevant to the Firmex community. We hope you enjoy this in-depth report by Ernst & Young on global M&A activity in Q4, 2012. Global deal volume and value of announced M&A rose by...

Earlier this month the Canadian government extended its review of CNOOC Ltd’s $15.1 billion bid to acquire Nexen Inc. The proposed deal has sparked vigorous public debate around state-owned enterprise (SOE) investment. It has also brought to light the lack of clarity...