The six most inspirational dealmaker movie quotes

The six most inspirational dealmaker movie quotes

Inspirational Dealmaker Movie Quotes

Even the best dealmakers need some inspiration every now and then, and that’s when a good movie can do the trick. Sometimes we need Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross or Michal Douglas from Wall Street yelling in our ears and telling us to do our best.

Here they are: six scenes that crystallize what it means to be a dealmaker. Take a break, watch, and then get back to closing.

The Wolf of Wall Street, “I want you to deal with your problems by getting rich”

There are lots of classic quotes from The Wolf of Wall Street, not least “sell me this pen,” but nothing gets you going like this one. It’s the climax to a three-minute speech where Jordan Belfort stirs up a frenzy telling his brokers to solve their problems by picking up the phone, dialing, and selling.

The Godfather Part II, “My offer is this: nothing”

After a lengthy pitch where Nevada Senator Pat Geary demands a hefty bribe for a gambling license, saying outright, “I intend to squeeze you,” Michael Corleone comes back with his final offer: nothing. Not even money for the gambling license. It’s a moment to remind dealmakers that sometimes you can win without budging an inch.

Glengarry Glen Ross, “Always be closing”

Where do we even begin? This is rightfully the most famous dealmaker quote of all time, and only one in a trove of great scenes from this movie. Always. Be. Closing. Write it on the wall of your office, put it on your computer desktop, tattoo it on your face: Always. Be. Closing.

There Will Be Blood, “I drink your milkshake”

There Will Be Blood is the story of oil titan Daniel Plainview’s unrestrained and unhinged quest for wealth. In his haunting final monologue, he makes one thing clear: If I can take something, I will.

Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money”

How about, “Show me a better, pithier, more effective phrase for reminding yourself that it’s all about results”? We bet you can’t.

Wall Street, “Greed is good”

One to keep in mind next time you think you’re asking for too much.