Financial Models

Financial Models
accretion dilution

Accretion/Dilution Analysis tries to answer an important question when it comes to corporate acquisitions – does the deal create or destroy value for shareholders of the buyer? Answering this question requires analyzing what happens to Earnings Per Share (EPS) after the acquisition....

Use this Acquisition/Merger Integration Model template to analyze the financial impact of a strategic acquisition by testing the viability of different forms of debt financing and predicting the returns for various groups of equity investors.

Use this accretion/dilution model template to determine the effect an acquisition will have on shareholder value and EPS.
leveraged buyout model

Assess how much debt your firm can take on in a deal, and what returns investors can expect with our leveraged buyout model template.
discounted cash flow model

Don’t waste hours creating your own discounted cash flow model. Download our quick and easy template instead.

Use this cheat sheet with handy formulas, common financial functions, quick editing and formatting tips, and much more, for completing tasks in investment banking, accounting, finance, and financial modeling.