M&A Advisory Fees 2017: Share Your Insights on Who’s Charging What, How...

M&A Advisory Fees 2017: Share Your Insights on Who’s Charging What, How and Why?

Share your insights on M&A fee structures

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Information about M&A advisory fees can be surprisingly difficult to track down. The lack of transparency makes it tough for M&A professionals to assess their own fees relative to their peers or learn about different types of fee structures they might not have considered.

Without an authoritative, up-to-date source of data on average cost structures, how can buyers and sellers make informed decisions about what is being charged and why?

That’s why Firmex teamed up with Divestopedia last year to publish the groundbreaking research report into M&A advisor fee structures within North America: Merger and Acquisition Fee Guide 2016.

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Now that we’re already five months in to 2017, it’s time to start gathering industry insights and data for the 2017 edition of the M&A Fee Guide, and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete our online questionnaire on M&A fees below or by clicking here.


As a contributor, you’ll be the first to receive our findings once the analysis is complete and the new report has been published.

A Must-Read on Negotiating Fees

To whet your appetite for all things fees, the good folks over at Divestopedia recently published a tremendously useful article on “How to Structure the Right Investment Banking Engagement Letter” with detailed information on the nuances of success fees and negotiating a fee structure.

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