Private Equity

Private Equity

When Yahoo came clean on its back-to-back data breaches last year, Verizon had some soul-searching to do: Would it toss its hands up and walk away from the $4.83 billion deal, blow half a year studying the financial impact of the...

It took barely a day for shots to fire after beloved North Carolina craft beer brand Wicked Weed’s sale to Budweiser-making multinational Anheuser-Busch InBev. Fiercely independent taprooms ditched Wicked Weed, drinkers spouted calls of treachery via social media and the NC...

In 2014, Portugal, having just emerged from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, was rocked by another disaster, this time in its banking sector. Banco Espírito Santo, one of the country’s largest private financial institutions by net assets and a market share...

A winning pitchbook couples quantitative facts with a strong narrative about the company. Private equity expert, Sumeet Shah, shares his pitchbook tips.

Firmex recently released a study with Mergermarket on the state of North American mid-market M&A. As Forbes noted in a response piece, it showed that deal flow is down but there's plenty of reason to be optimistic for the future in...
Ninja Skills: How Private Equity Can Outmaneuver Strategic Buyers

How can private equity firms outmaneuver strategic buyers and get the best companies at (relatively) good prices? Here are some key suggestions.
5 Leveraged Buyout Success Stories

Despite the risk and stigma attached to leveraged buyouts, they can be a big payoff for private equity firms, and be the saving grace for struggling businesses. Here's 5 leveraged buyout success stories.

The need to improve efficiency, technology and quality in the Chinese food sector is creating many opportunities for foreign investors, including strategic players and private equity groups.
Battle of Waterloo 1815

In the last few months there has been a trend towards venture capital firms raising money for “growth funds,” which are focused on much-later-stage deals. In other words, they’re going into private equity’s turf.

We are seeing the rise of more structured, well-rounded startups. As someone who’s made the jump from private equity to the venture capital world, and sees a lot going on in the startup industry, here are some tips for PE shops that want to enter the startup realm.