Emerging Trends: Corporate Minute Books for Law Firms

Emerging Trends: Corporate Minute Books for Law Firms

Forward-thinking law firms are revolutionizing the way corporate minute books are managed, moving the process online to achieve greater efficiency and collaboration with their clients.

Client minute books have traditionally been a cumbersome task for law firms. Internal and external document requests would first need to be fielded. The legal admin team would then need to physically locate the document, make copies and resend via mail or email. The process was both time consuming and unsecure.

However, more and more law firms are now moving this process online, uploading corporate minute books into a central document repository where clients and legal teams can access the information they need.

Using a virtual data room, law firms set up and manage this online repository on behalf of their clients, granting corporate counsel administrative rights to upload new documents as they become available. The result is a more efficient work process, and greater collaboration between corporate counsel and their legal teams.

Partners and attorneys across multiple departments can be invited into the data room, giving the entire legal team (M&A, litigation, tax) easy access to the information they need.

An organized folder structure in the data room keeps documents neat and tidy, and searchable comments and tags make it easy to locate individual documents.

Your virtual data room stores everything, from liability documents, corporate contracts, board minutes, board approvals, assigning authorities and articles of incorporation, in one secure location.

Offering a quick and easy solution for managing the corporate minute book process not only deepens client relationships, but also sets your firm apart as being forward-thinking, efficient, and dedicated to client satisfaction.

How to use your corporate minute book template

Firmex offers a free corporate minute book template to download. The template is provided in Excel format, and can be edited according to your client’s needs.

It can then be directly imported into a Firmex virtual data room in a matter of seconds. The result is a populated folder structure, ready for you to start importing documents. The template saves hours of set up time, keeping both your legal admin team and your client happy.