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Maria Khan is an Online Search Specialist. She's been working in Digital Marketing since graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts.

It’s 5:30pm on a Thursday, and your VP just said he needs that presentation done by 9am tomorrow. Awesome. It’s gonna be another all-nighter… But have no fear! Firmex has got you covered with some irresistible jams. Whether you’re a hip hop...

Kids today don’t buy lottery tickets. They launch startups. The news is obsessed with the story about how Facebook just bought WhatsApp, with a mere 50 lucky employees, for $19 billion. For those who haven’t downloaded a calculator app because their...

Bidding for the Olympics isn’t all that different to the deal-making process. Olympic officials must evaluate each city's offering, just like an M&A deal.

Don’t let the lavish lifestyles, outspoken personalities or capitalist sentiments fool you; these business philanthropists have big wallets and big hearts.

There is no greater truth in business than nothing is permanent; no idea immortal, no brand untouchable. Companies must evolve to remain competitive and survive. Not doing so can be fatal, as was the case for Enron, Swissair, Blockbuster, Encarta, Polaroid,...

LinkedIn is an important part of the social sphere and an important marketing tool for any professional. As the fastest growing social network with over 230 million members worldwide, its no wonder 9 out of 10 business executives describe themselves as using LinkedIn “often” or “very often” according to the headhunting and management consultancy, DHR International. But how do you make the most of your profile? Firmex has put together some LinkedIn profile tips for Linkedin profile optimization to make the most of this growing network.

Laws are designed to govern and protect the best interests of a country and its citizens. However, they don’t always have to make sense! Do a little digging, and some laws are just plain wacky.