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Reverse or vendor due diligence is a great strategy for sell-side businesses to perform, allowing them to correct or modify issues prior to exit.
5 Leveraged Buyout Success Stories

Despite the risk and stigma attached to leveraged buyouts, they can be a big payoff for private equity firms, and be the saving grace for struggling businesses. Here's 5 leveraged buyout success stories.
Jimmy Choo IPO: If The Shoe Fits, List It!

With Jimmy Choo now a publicly-traded company, we recap how this luxury footwear brand came to be such a global phenomenon. It's humble beginnings may surprise you.

Despite a slight dip in Q3, it continues to be a strong year for worldwide M&A activity. Here's some highlights from Thomson Reuters latest Trends in Deal Making webinar.
Top Turnaround CEOs Under 40

What, wait? Burger King's CEO is only 33 years old?! We uncover what other companies have strapping young CEOs at the helm. Here's 5 CEOs under 40 who helped turn their companies around.

Our polling results are in on the recent Burger King / Tim Hortons merger, and it's a dead split for those in favor and against the deal. Twenty eight percent of Canadians indicated they did not support the deal.

Successful dealmakers are used to trusting their gut instincts. So when someone challenges their ideas, tempers are bound to run high. We revisit 3 of the best publicized deal making feuds.
Should Burger King Acquire Tim Hortons?

The Burger King/Tim Hortons merger is the latest attempt by a US company to lower its tax burden by moving overseas, and sees Tim Hortons move into foreign hands for the second time. Do you support the deal?
Pipe with Wood Lagging -

Master limited partnerships are popular in the oil & gas industry. But Kinder Morgan's move away from the MLP structure, coupled with closer scrutiny by the US government, calls into question their future.

Structuring an M&A deal is a bit like building a house. It should follow a well-known process to ensure the buyer and seller are both satisfied.