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Apple acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Google paid $39 million for Songza. Which tech giant made the better deal and will win the music streaming war?

Dov Charney and Chip Wilson are the latest founders to be ousted by their own companies. But they're not alone. Here's a look at some other famous founders who were kicked to the curb.
leveraged buyout model

Assess how much debt your firm can take on in a deal, and what returns investors can expect with our leveraged buyout model template.

World politics may be important, but messing with TV is serious business. The proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner - two of the nation's largest cable and Internet providers - has unleashed a firestorm of debate online and on Capitol Hill.
discounted cash flow model

Don’t waste hours creating your own discounted cash flow model. Download our quick and easy template instead.

Donald Sterling has repeatedly stated that the LA Clippers are not for sale. No one is listening to him anymore. With the unprecedented sanction of Sterling a near certainty at this point, the LA Clippers have become a jump ball. A...
Standoff from "e Good, the Bad and the Ugly" starring Clint Eastwood

Ideally, an initial public offering marks the beginning of expanding earnings for a company. It’s often referred to as “The Exit,” separating start-ups from a mature company. But not every story has a happy ending, or at least not yet. The Good...

Dealmakers must make data driven decisions everyday. And in this day and age, that data can be sourced from a variety of places, including your smartphone. Here are 7 must-have mobile apps for every business professional in the deal-making space: 1. Finance Toolkit by...

A knowledgeable, reliable, and smart administrative assistant can be the key to making your life as an attorney much simpler and more efficient. And now, with the increasing ease with which we can communicate and share information online, virtual legal assistants...