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Inspirational Dealmaker Movie Quotes

Even the best dealmakers need some inspiration every now and then, and that's when a good movie can do the trick. Sometimes we need Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross or Michal Douglas from Wall Street yelling in our ears and...
2015 Economic Predictions: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Economists and policy makers almost universally agree that 2015 will be a crucial year in the world economy, as we see whether major markets reflect recent signs of improvement or keep sliding. It's a time of uncertainty, when even the IMF...
DealMaker Holiday Dreams, Pt. 2: Private Tropical Islands

In our DealMaker Holiday Dreams series, we're going beyond the usual gift ideas. Way beyond. We're not even talking luxury here - we're talking bigger than luxury, bigger than lavish. We're talking about the absolute best things in the world that...
DealMaker Holiday Dreams, Pt. 1: Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (And Yachts!)

What gifts do you really want this holiday season? I mean really want, if you could have anything? A select few dealmakers don't have to think twice before filling their holiday wishlists with the most lavish things money can buy. Our...

Every day we read news articles surrounding the failures and flourishes of companies. One day a brand is performing well, the next their stocks are in the pits. There is, however, a few special companies that hold a different association- they...

After years of controversy, FIFA has announced that it will ban third party ownership of football players. Firmex takes a closer look at this popular deal-making practice, and why it's so controversial.

With 185 IPOs already announced, 2014 in on track to become another record-breaking year. Here's a look back at some of the biggest IPOs of 2014, and what's still to come!

The bidding has begun for the Buffalo Bills, with a rumored 8 bidders. We're following the story, and look back at some of the biggest sporting deal in U.S. history. Were they worth it?

Inversion deals, a controversial tax arrangement in which a business incorporates in another country to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes, have come under fire in a new way recently.

Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale are considered to be the top four business schools in America. Here are some of their most famous graduates.