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Brian Mazar holds a BS degree in Industrial Management, plus an MBA. He also attained the title Certified Business Intermediary. Brian has held key positions with four Fortune 500 companies. He has broad business, management, operations and technical knowledge, particularly in the manufacturing and technology sectors. In 1998 Brian founded American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions. The firm provides Merger and Acquisition services, Business Exit Planning, and Business Valuation services. Connect with Brian at or call 502-244-0480 (ext. 24).

Profits play a key role in building the value of a business. However, there are numerous other value drivers that can have an impact. Individually, these value drivers may have little effect, but when added together they can have a significant...

In my review of countless pitch books from M&A advisors and investment bankers, I've compiled a list of common mistakes and tips for crafting the perfect pitch book.