A Career in Investment Banking: Worth the Investment?

A Career in Investment Banking: Worth the Investment?

A Career In Investment Banking: Worth The Investment?
Hongkong, China - February 19, 2013: Pedestrians walk past a financial display board in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, China

Each year, thousands of the brightest minds, from the world’s best schools, decide venture into the world of investment banking.

Entering the competitive world of high finance has some clear advantages; great pay, high-profile deals and phenomenal training.

However, its definitely not for the faint hearted. Intense pressure to get the deal done, and long business hours, means that personal time is often sacrificed. And while tremendous rewards await those that reach the top of the profession, it’s a very steep climb to get there.

For those who leave, a tour-of-duty at a ‘Bulge Bracket’ Investment Bank serves as a world-class training ground for other professions, and an impressive addition to your resume.

As a virtual data room provider that’s supported thousands of M&A deals, and answered hundreds of late night calls, we know that being an Investment Banking Analyst can be lots of different things: exciting, lucrative, thrilling, educational and exhausting!

Firmex decided to take a closer look at the career path of an Investment Banking Analyst in the following infographic.

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OK, so now you know the facts. If you’re still intrigued by a career in investment banking, then check out this career advice from investment banker, Dan Hardyman: