The freedom of deliberate design

When a new technology emerges, wars are waged to create market standards, and the victorious companies involved control the market and the options available for end users.  Defining internet standards has been an ongoing series of battles, and we are witnessing a new frontline around applications delivered on highly controlled platforms like the iPhone or iPad.  Enforcing strict standards can limitthe options available to users, and yet the strict control exerted by Apple and their deliberate focus on design has yielded a highly positive user experience that attracts a loyal following.

An array of options and freedoms comes at a cost to the user who is forced to spend time on analysis to make an informed choice – for a business this investment in time means lost productivity – and more and more businesses are looking for reliable options that just work.

Apple stands apart because creating an intuitive user interface isn’t easy.  Engineers and users alike can struggle with the design process because after years of making compromises to suit the old way of doing things, those involved forget how cumbersome and unintuitive current standards might be.

Good design is often the result of creators and users working together to set aside old ideas and start from scratch.  Design as a concept applies to almost anything from user interfaces and hardware architecture to intangible ideas like pricing models.  We work with our clients to make considered choices and evolve or rethink our business in a way that ensures the user experience comes first. Our Users First community is an invaluable resource for our clients to share their experiences from the perspective of both administrators and users.  We’re excited to see the group continue to grow, because the more feedback we receive, the better we will be able to anticipate the needs of our clients.

Debbie Stephenson

Debbie Stephenson is a former Content Marketing Manager at Firmex.