The Sartorial Dealmaker: Dressing for the Office Holiday Party

Are you feeling merry and bright? Even if you’re not, at least look like you are, because, without a doubt, every hall you turn down for the next couple of months will be decked with bells and holly.

Be sure to get as far ahead of the game as you can. This doesn’t just mean having your gifts lined up! It also includes having your holiday party outfits ready to go. When that last-minute invitation inevitably rolls in, or that long-term plan that you forgot in your year-end madness sneaks up on you.

You don’t want to be stuck in a line at a department store fifteen minutes before you’re due at a party. Get your gear in order now, and you’ll have the mental clarity to deal with the rest of the onslaught of joy that the holidays always come with.

Here are some easy seasonal ideas to help you look your best at your office’s holiday party!

Splurge on Something that Lasts

You deserve a treat just as much as anyone else in your life! Buy yourself something that will last when considering what to splurge on for your holiday outfit instead of going out to buy a new outfit head to toe just for the sake of it. Focus on getting one new element of your ensemble that’s really nice, and can be worn across a few different scenarios: from swanky events to a night out on the town with friends or a dinner that’s on the dressier side. My go-to when following this bit of advice is to invest in new shoes. Pair them with a black dress or a dressier suit that you already have and watch heads turn. Some of the seasons’ best his and hers options are below!


Go Glam with Crystals

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster Silver Metallic Coco Crystal Heels – $670 CAD (Source: Ssense)

Rock Out Animal-Style


Alyx Black Sling Heels, Croc-Embossed – $995 CAD (Source: Ssense)

Put a Bow On It


Gucci Black Suede Web Bow Heels – $830 CAD (Source: Ssense)


Party with Polish


Prada Black Logo Loafers – $755 CAD (Source: Ssense)

Fringe Benefits


Gucci Black Novel Loafers – $1065 CAD (Source: Ssense)

Slip Into Some Velvet


 Giuseppi Zanotti Navy Velvet Archibald Loafers – $970 CAD (Source: Ssense)

Add a Pop of Personality

Holiday parties are your chance to add an element of your personal style to your appearance. Opportunities like this to express yourself are likely few and far between when it comes to dressing appropriately for the office, so take advantage and have some fun with what you’re wearing. This could mean playing with pattern and colour, accessories, or the cut of a particular garment you’re donning. You don’t want to show up at the party looking like it’s just another day at the office. Keep in mind that being festive and celebrating your hard-won victories this year is what this season is all about. Enjoy yourself!





Have a Secret Weapon to Keep You Fresh

Whether you’re sweating over small talk with your boss’s spouse, or sweating because you’re cutting a rug with your co-workers, keep a little pick-me-up on you to sneak away and freshen up with halfway through the evening. Be mindful of things that are too fragrance-heavy. You want to seem freshly composed, but not fresh out of the shower. Stick to light products like mild smelling oils to touch up your hair or beard. If there’s any makeup that might need a little reset, consider a setting powder to quickly blot over your face to hide shine visage or to prevent eye and lip makeup from bleeding.

Martial Vivot

Martial Vivot Beard & Face Oil – $48 (source)


Fenty Beauty Invismatte Blotting Powder – $32 (source)

Ok, Let’s Wrap It Up (Like a Present)

Remember, splurge on a quality piece you can wear again as opposed to a gown or a three-piece suit if you’re looking to go the thriftier route and get more bang for your buck. Have fun with your outfit and dress as if you’re celebrating, because you are! Pick something colourful or uniquely you. Finally, keep yourself looking and smelling as fresh as you were when the evening began with a backup product to carry you through the night of the party. These easy tips will help you look your best while you let loose at the office party and look back on what you’ve accomplished this year.

Have fun and celebrate your accomplishments

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Nicole Edwards

Nicole Edwards is a fashion and lifestyle writer based in Toronto. She has worked as Associate Publisher of Private Islands magazine and Lifestyle Editor of Style Empire, and has contributed to NOW Magazine.