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We’re Launching Our Second Product: Firmex FileSend

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We’re happy to introduce our second product, Firmex FileSend, a cloud-based solution for securely transferring large documents.

We have designed Firmex FileSend for financial and legal intermediaries, investment firms and corporations who struggle with sharing documents associated with financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, litigation, and procurement. These sensitive and often large documents can be difficult to share with external partners. Firmex FileSend provides a user-friendly, secure, cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring business critical documents are delivered quickly and securely.


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Too often, productivity is brought to a halt with limitations imposed by internal FTP sites and corporate email size limitations. Firmex FileSend allows users to easily send large files securely, alleviating the need for email workarounds or support calls to IT.

With Firmex FileSend users can restrict access, require authentication, watermark, and digitally shred documents, using the same infrastructure backing Firmex VDR. Additionally, Firmex FileSend allows users gather insights into when, where, and how documents are sent and received, allowing for complete control over sensitive documents.

“At Firmex, we strive to provide our customers with secure and easy-to-use solutions that empower productivity. We’re excited that our second product, Firmex FileSend makes it possible for anyone to send documents securely, instantly.” says Mark Wright, CMO, Firmex.

Start a free 30-day trial of Firmex FileSend today

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